Blog - 1/20

Today is the day! We finally got the site up and running, and while there are tweaks to be made, it's quite the accomplishment. Tom and Tyler, our admins, have done awesome work and we're very happy to have worked with them throughout this process.

We're also learning a little bit about Shopify and how it works...which is great because I'm pretty illiterate when it comes to a lot of things!

Having the site will allow people to start signing up for the subscriptions, but also provide feedback on the types of things they would like to see. At the time, we plan to only allow people to sign up for the subscription portion because it makes the process a lot easier to focus on doing the core business right, rather than spending a lot of time running back and forth to UPS. We'll get ad hoc orders straightened out eventually though, so everyone can get what they want.

Thank you again everyone for being such an integral part of this process and this community!