Blog – 1/7

Today is a great day! We have chosen the seasonal sauces for the 2022 seasonal boxes…and boy are you guys in for a pleasant surprise. It took some running around to different grocery stores, some recipe tweaks, some kitchen messes, but we think you guys will really enjoy them. They’ll be packing a good combination of heat and flavor, as you’ve come to expect from hot sauces from Tennessee Hot Sauce Co. To submit them for lab testing, we have to make three separate batches of the same recipe. They’re all bottled up and ready for delivery to the lab, and then we’ll be off to the kitchen for the spring seasonal. Such an exciting time. Like we enjoy saying, hot sauce is 50% experiment, 50% fun, and 50% heat. It’s like the Manbearpig of culinary. Thank you all for being such an integral part of our journey.