Blog – 12/16

The last week or so has been completely nuts. We’ve had so many orders come in for gift boxes for the holidays that we ran out of boxes and had to get a very gracious friend from Arizona to send more because we were in a pinch. Not only that, but we’re leaving on our trip tomorrow for almost two weeks, and guess what? Remember those bottles that I mentioned that were stuck on a boat off the coast of California a few weeks ago? They made it…in 23 boxes, in the rain, and at almost 8 PM. I have no idea what would have happened if they were delivered tomorrow or another time. Knowing our luck, they would have tried to return them to China and charge us. Now we’ve got 23 boxes taking up ungodly amounts of space in our garage. The good news is that we got all of the orders fulfilled and we’re ready to go on our trip and won’t have any worries hanging over our heads. We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!