Loyalty Program

At Tennessee Hot Sauce Co, we appreciate loyalty, and we want to express ours in return. That is why we've developed a program that rewards you, our community. The more points earned, the better your rewards! Even joining the program will allow you to be automatically entered into random giveaways. Everything from free merch to free experimental hot sauces...and let's be honest, who doesn't like free hot sauce (or free anything for that matter)

And what do we want in return? Name your child after us? Nope. A sacrifice? Nope. A good time. That's it. We want you to have a good time with us, each other, and the hot sauces that bring us all together! Want a t shirt? Earn some points. Want some additional sauces? Earn more points. Gifting someone a subscription? Yup, more points. Participate in contests? I think you get the idea.

We've built four tiers, with related benefits, that helps breakdown what you'll get in return (and if you want to name your child after us, that's ok too).


This is your introduction into the world of loyalty. Jalapenos pack plenty of punch, and you do too! Maybe you want to be a part of our community but want to get your toes wet first? That works for us, you can still get great benefits! You’ll have access to exclusive seasonal sauces that are only available to subscribers, and you’ll be able to participate in giveaways that are exclusive as well. See, doesn’t that feel good?


Habanero has a little more heat on it than a jalapeno, so we thought it was only fair that your rewards got a little more heat on them too. Did you like being able to have access to subscriber only sauces and having the opportunity to participate in member only giveaways and prizes? Of course you did! So we’re going to give you the same rewards, but guess what? Now you get it with a 5% discount too. Doesn’t it burn so good?


Next is the ghost tier. You’re probably thinking “There is another tier? What could possibly be better than Habanero?” Well you’re in luck, because we’re going to tell you! You get all of the same perks as the habanero tier, but you’ll be eligible for even more prize giveaways, and the best reward of all…an automatic 10% discount on all of your orders. WHAT?!? How is that possible? Well, it’s because we’re crazy…and we love you. Mostly because we love you…but we’re also crazy.


I don’t even know what to tell you at this point, you may be even more loyal than my dog. If you’ve made it to the reaper tier, then you’ve shown us how much we, and this community, means to you. So what is your reward for being at the reaper tier? There is none, we’ve already won your loyalty so muahaha. Just kidding! You get all of the rewards from the previous three tiers, but your discount is now bumped to 15%. Are we losing money on your purchases yet? It’s certainly possible…but you’re eating too much sauce for us to not love you and want to keep you forever.


Ways to Earn:

Subscribe – Just by being a subscriber, you have the opportunity to earn points. How easy is that?
Buy a hot sauce – You buy sauce, you get points!

Buy more sauces – Maybe you didn’t need one…maybe you’re addicted to the taste bud tickling so you order three or more at a time…do you think you should earn more points? Yeah, we do too.

Buy merch – Who doesn’t like some awesome gear to wear or whatever other awesome branded merch we’ve got available? Points are really flowing now!

Referral/Gift purchase – Here at Tennessee Hot Sauce Co, we believe that no good deed should go unrewarded. You want to take care of a loved one buy getting them a subscription? We think you should be rewarded too.

Contest/Social Media participation – One of the benefits of being a part of such a great community is the ability to interact and talk with them or spend time with them. Because we encourage active participation in the community, it only makes sense to reward it with more rewards.